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         -Dick Clark

Doug Gamble's Songs

One of the unique features of doo wop music is that it started with groups standing out on street corners, making music with nothing but their voices, mostly in the northeast U.S. This song is a salute to those early vocalists.
Vocal - Richie Rosato
Lyrics - Doug Gamble
Music - Lee Durley / Lorenzo Crescibene

A doo wop tribute song with the double meaning of falling in love WITH the music and two people falling in love TO the music. Woven into the lyrics are 10 oldies song titles.
Vocal - Richie Rosato
Lyrics - Doug Gamble
Music - Lee Durley / Lorenzo Crescibene

A song for those of us who were captured by the doo wop sound in our youth and still love the music for its ability to take us back to a better, simpler time.
Vocal - Richie Rosato
Lyrics - Doug Gamble
Music - Richie Rosato / Doug Gamble / Lorenzo Crescibene

Another tribute to the doo wop genre and some of the pioneering groups that took it from the streets to the stage.
Vocal - Richie Rosato
Lyrics & Music - Doug Gamble

"CHILD OF THE FIFTIES" A musical look back at the decade of simpler times and solid values.
Vocal - Richie Rosato
Lyrics - Doug Gamble
Music - Lee Durley

Original Vocal Version - Lee Durley

Both "Doo Wop World" and "Child of the Fifties" by Richie Rosato (former lead singer of The Duprees) are among the songs included on a CD, "Jersey Guys of Doo Wop."

No matter how old we get, most of us still stay young in our minds.
Vocal - Richie Rosato
Music - Lee Durley
Lyrics - Doug Gamble

Original Vocal Version - Lee Durley

Dedicated to all the men and women who have ever served the United States of America in uniform.
Vocal - Lee Durley
Lyrics - Doug Gamble
Music - Doug Gamble & Lee Durley

Frank Sinatra sang a version about Monterrey, Mexico. This song showcases beautiful Monterey, California.
Vocal - Lee Durley
Music - Billy Rose
Lyrics - Doug Gamble

Doug with Bobby Rydell From The Teen Idol Era of the Late 1950's and Early 1960's
Still Performing Today.

Producer Lorenzo Cresibene, Doug, vocalist Richie Rosato
"Luna Sound" - North Caldwell, New Jersey

Vocalist / Musician Lee Durley

Doug and Bonnie Reid with Little Anthony & The Imperials
Dear Doug,

I can't believe I just now stumbled onto your site and played your fabulous songs. I have been using I'm Still Me with the people I work with in my class, I'm Too Young to be This Old and it is deeply poignant. Also uplifting. Keep up the wonderful work. (you can quote me!) God bless you.

Susan Cantrell
Hi Doug,

My name is Bob Spicer. I 'm Program Director of a small radio station here in New England. I also have a show called Bob's Doo Wop Cafe. A few months back someone handed me the song called "A Child of the Fifties." I played it and it made the top forty most reguested songs of 2010. In fact it came in at number 2.

I had the great pleasure of talking to Richie Rosato this past week and he told me it was you that wrote the lyrics with music by Lee Durley. We here would like to say thanks for such a great tune. It's truly a song that reminds us all how it used to be and brings back some great memories.

Thanks again for a wonderful song.

Best Always:

My name is Harry and I am a lover of doo wop music. I am a long time fan of the Duprees and I think Richie Rosato has one of the best voices of that era.

I was listening to him sing a song that I have never heard before, I'm Still Me, and I can't stop playing it. It is one of the best songs I have ever heard and I just wanted to tell you that because you wrote it.

I can't stop singing it and it also brings back my youth a bit

Thank You
Dear Doug Gamble,

I'm writing because I just stumbled across your wonderful tribute to doo wop. "Doo Wop World" is one of the most emotionally touching songs I've ever heard. It sums up all the feelings of the doo wop era. Richie Rosato was the perfect voice to get your message across. Thank you for this treasure. Is the song on an album? I'd like to find it. I'm a neophyte Karaoke singer and your song has given me the direction I was looking for in my music. Since hearing your song I've rediscovered the wonder of Doo Wop; and my youth. Thanks again for the song

Bill Douglas
Hi Doug,

About a week ago my good friend Richie Rosato turned me onto your new song, "Doo Wop in My Soul", on YouTube.

I've listened to it about 100 times and it brings back those wonderful memories of the fifties and early sixties. I've heard every song you have written and I must say, you must have some great memories of days gone by. You truly know how to touch people with your writings. "Child Of The Fifties" has got to be one of my favorites and now "Doo Wop In My Soul"

Richie Rosato in my opinion is one of the best lead singers of all time. I am so happy you chose him to sing these great songs. I just had to write you to let you know how much we all appreciate you keeping the music alive like this.

Thanks again for the wonderful memories. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Bob Spicer
Bob's Doo Wop Cafe

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