"Doug has a remarkable ear for what the media will run with and for what will define an election. His talent for defining issues in single phrases is unmatched in American politics. "
Clark Judge, Managing Director, White House Writers Group

"Doug Gamble is an extraordinary political joke-writer and provider of great applause lines and message points."
Ken Khachigian, veteran California-based political consultant, writer & attorney

"Your stuff was great, Doug. Funny, sharp, right on the money. I will absolutely try to work with you again."
Larry McCarthy, political media producer

"I asked a gifted humor writer named Doug Gamble to do some jokes in which (1988 presidential candidate) Bush would poke fun at himself. He contributed wonderful witticisms, but his most important contribution was not a joke but a beautiful metaphor: 'After two great (Reagan) terms, a switch will be made. But when you have to change horses in midstream, doesn't it make sense to switch to the one who's going the same way?' Months later, Ronald Reagan told me this was the single best statement of what was at issue in the 1988 campaign."
From the book, "What I Saw at the Revolution" by Peggy Noonan

"It all comes down to something George Bush said at the Republican National Convention: If we must change horses, at least we should change to a horse that's headed in the same direction. For that reason, The Detroit News endorses George Bush for president."
Editorial, Detroit News

"In reading press clips I was struck by the frequency with which your jokes are quoted and by how many of them I could recall. It's educational to learn the source of all these witticisms."
Mitch Bainwol, Chief of Staff to Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson

"The Bohemian Grove speech was laced with your humor and turned into an enormous success. They told me it was the first standing ovation for a Lakeside Chat speaker since Richard Nixon."
Jim Badenhausen, speechwriter for California Governor Pete Wilson

"J.C. reports the speech was a huge success - standing O - not ever happened before with a GOP speaker. (At this event, Winter Gridiron Dinner.) Doug, you are the best. It was a pleasure working with you."
Pam Pryor, senior aide to Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts

"Thanks for coming through yet again with quick, witty lines."
Karen Hughes, communications director for then-Texas Governor George W. Bush

"The humor and many of the soundbites were provided by Doug Gamble, who wrote some of Ronald Reagan's best lines and most memorable self-deprecating humor. In Wisconsin, he gave Mr. Dole his most quoted soundbite."
From column by syndicated columnist Arianna Huffington re Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign

"Thanks for all your help on my special project. Your ideas were a big hit. I am very grateful."
Scott Reed, campaign manager, 1996 Bob Dole presidential campaign

"Thanks for the memory of your talent."
Bob Hope

"You made me a superstar last night"
Al Smith IV, MC of annual Al Smith Dinner, New York City

"Your work is terrific and helps events succeed in ways they did not before."
Catherine Callagy, Sr. VP Fundraising & Development, Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers, New York City

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